Headed to the Heel – Ostuni, Italia – 16 ottobre 2015

It’s pouring rain – must be a travel day!  But, first, our last B&B Donna Eleonora breakfast.


Remember the bottle of wine gifted to us in Positano?  I carried it from Positano to Matera.  Now, it’s Amy’s turn!  I don’t think she was happy with me handing it off to her, but, fair is fair.  Our bags are stuffed – the struggle is real.

I only acquired two small items while in Matera.

I bought a silver charm shaped like this logo:


When I got back home, the charm slipped from my chain and went down the sink.


And, I bought a ceramic cuccù.  It’s actually a whistle.  In the 1950’s it was a ‘status symbol’.  In ancient times it was a symbol of good luck and serenity.  It also became a symbol of fertility – and, was often given to newlyweds.  (This actually made it home intact!)


Great opportunity for a chicken/egg joke, but…I’ve got nothing.

We checked out of our B&B.  My bill was only  €137 for three nights!  I really liked this place – wish I would have had better luck with the internet.

We’re headed to Ostuni, today.  It’s the last leg of our trip.  It pains me to write that.  But, I am laughing to myself when I look at this map.  Talk about taking the long way around!  But, without a car, I think it’s the fastest.  I think…


Luigi took us to the FAL train station in Matera.  Be advised, the ticket window isn’t always manned and there isn’t a self-service machine in this station.  So, plan accordingly.  I’m guessing an agent always shows up just prior to train departures to sell tickets, but, I don’t know for sure.  Our train ( €4,9) left Matera at 10:42 and arrived at Bari  Centrale at 12:17 – a little behind schedule.  The train ride was nice.  We saw a lot of ag land, orchards – and, trulli.

Another little travel tip?   You must have your train ticket scanned (even though it’s already been validated) when you get off the train!  So, keep it handy!

The Trenitalia station is a stone’s throw from the FAL station.  Our train ( €5,6) left Bari at 12:57 and arrived at Ostuni at 13:49.


I’m so happy to finally be in the Apulia region!


We were so grateful to our host, Will, for picking us up at the station and taking us to the apartment – smack dab at the top of Ostuni!  The rain was impressive!  Rivers of rain were running through the olive tree orchards.

Here’s the apartment:


Will gave us the low-down on the apartment – complete with instructions on what to do if the electricity got tripped.  Amy and I flipped a coin to see who would get the bedroom and who would get the sofa bed.  I guess I won the toss because I got the bedroom.


The door leading to our rooftop apartment – with a huge balcony and sweeping views of Ostuni.



The door leading directly into the apartment.


OK, time for food!  We started walking toward the town center…  Ostuni is referred to as “the White Town” (“La Città Bianca“)…



Piazza Liberta



Our lunch spot…one of the few places open mid-afternoon.


The owners of this bar were so kind to us.  They made me a special panino, gave us a complimentary sweet after lunch (they saw us eyeing the display case) and shared their music with us.


No, this wasn’t our lunch!



Later in the evening, after the rain stopped, we walked in the hood.  Cats everywhere!



And, the cat-free zone…


We stopped into Sax for, yes, more food and drink.  Again, the owners were fantastic!  I’m liking the vibe here!

So, until tomorrow…


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