Picture Perfect – Positano, Italia – 11 ottobre 2015

While Amy enjoyed a 4-star breakfast, I extended my 4-star rest.  Ahhh…

Antonio, from Albergo California, is picking us up at 10 a.m.  While waiting outside, I watched a man across the street deal with a woman patron.  When she left, he made a hand gesture to the concierge at our temporary hotel.  He put his palms together as if praying  and shook them up and down.  I’ll have to find out what that’s all about!

When Antonio arrived, I asked him about the hand gesture.  He seemed hesitant to answer.  I think he thought someone made that gesture after an encounter with us.  He told us it meant ‘patience’.  Hmmm…I don’t know about that.

We finally made it to our beautiful hotel – room #60.  Remember the movie ”Under the Tuscan Sun”?  Part of that was filmed in room #62.



Room #60



Let’s talk about photography.  You could put your camera upside down and behind your back  and take a great photo in Positano.  You could set the timer, throw your camera up into the air and take a great photo (provided you catch the camera).  You could hand your camera to a toddler, let them play with the buttons, and take a great photo.

The rain slowed, then stopped.  The clouds cleared.  The sun shone.  The light changed constantly.  What a magical day!



Why are fruits and vegetables more appealing when they are displayed outdoors?



An inviting outdoor ristorante!



Sea glass!  Because you can never carry too many rocks across Italy!


There was a lot of green sea glass.



This photo makes me laugh.  It looks like Amy and this man are playing leap frog!


I commented to Amy that picking up sea glass was addicting. This young woman overheard – and, agreed.  This is a necklace she made with sea glass.  A few moments after we went our separate ways, she called to me – and, handed me a large piece of glass.  The kindness of strangers…what a sweetie!



Oh, is it time for lunch?  How about this ristorante on Spiaggia Grande?



Ohhh, Antonio -yes, another Antonio!  First, we had the bad jokes. Amy asks where the restrooms are and he points to the ocean. We watched him repeatedly hands a plate to guests and tell them it’s a mushroom omelette – regardless of what it is.  He checked out every woman that walked into the restaurant and pointed out his favorites to the other waiters. Mamma mia!

Oh, and I don’t think that guy is picking his nose.  I think it’s another hand gesture I haven’t deciphered.




Il mio pranzo…(my lunch). Penne pasta, eggplant, mozzarella


Good looking man, right?  His name is Gianfranco Russo.  Chez Black is his family’s restaurant.  Come to find out – he’s an actor!  http://gianfrancorusso.com/


Gianfranco Russo


Back to kicking it through Positano…



Maybe she’s been walking all day too?



If we had drug disposal containers like this in the U.S., they would never make it intact through the night. 


We also noticed outdoor dispensing machines – which included beer!




And, now it’s time for dinner!


Ristorante Bar Bruno


So, back to the hand gesture…  From what I can tell this gesture is called Mani Giunte (clasped hands).  It is used to express disbelief or exasperation – the ”Mother of God” gesture.    This could come in handy!

Hope you enjoyed today’s walkabout!

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