Vitamin Sea – Ischia, Italia – 7 ottobre 2015

Oh, Napoli!  You threw down the ‘love me or hate me’ gauntlet.  I only got a nibble of the carrot dangled before me.  I want more!  I fell for you hook, line and sinker.  I’m not ready to leave you – or, your wonderful people.  But, leave you I must.  Well, kind of…

We’re headed to Ischia, today (yes, by-passing the every popular sister, Capri).  It’s one of the islands in the Golfo di Napoli – supposedly less crowded and less expensive.

We said our goodbyes to Pino at check out.  I’m surprised I didn’t cry.   He was so kind and helpful to us during our stay at Hotel Toledo.  And, not in the ‘I have to be nice to my customers’ kind of way.  But, because he is a genuinely kind man.  Ciao, il mio amico!

We took a taxi to Porto Beverello.  On the way to the port, there was some interaction between our driver and a motorcycle cop at a traffic signal.  The driver looked very nervous.  I think he was allowed to drop us off, but, had the deal with the police afterwards.  Hope it went well…

We bought our Alilauro hydrofoil ticket (17,60 euros) and set sail at 10:50.  This is exciting stuff for the land-locked Colorado women!

We arrived at Ischia Porto after an uneventful ride.  Uneventful is good when you are on the water and can’t swim well…



A complimentary van transported us to our hotel – Grifo Hotel Charme & Spa.  Amy and I are sharing a beautiful superior double room with a sea view.  My half for 3 nights, including a 10% VAT was 241 euros – this included breakfast.



The view from our balcony (Room 202).



The pool – which we never found time to use.  Well, I take that back.  We did sit by the pool one night and drink in the dark.  They also have a spa I didn’t use.



We unpacked and walked down the hill to the main road (about half a mile).  From there we followed the main road to the east -back to Ischia Porto to explore.






Our timing was bad.  Most places were closed for the afternoon.  I tried to buy postcard stamps at a tabacchi, but he only had one.  So, we went to the post office.  What a trip!  You have to take a number – for the relevant counter!   There were seven or eight counters with different services.  I didn’t see anything that resembled ‘comprare franco bolli’ (to buy stamps).  We punted – and, missed.  We had to take another number and try again.  As it turned out, the post office didn’t have any stamps, either!  Go figure!


We finally found a place to eat by the water – and, were treated to Christmas songs!  Yep, Winter Wonderland, Holly Jolly Christmas, and I’ll be Home for Christmas!  And, yes, it is October!  That caprese salad looks great, doesn’t it?



Great place for a beverage and light snack. The owner is such a nice man.



We were trying to find the public beach and ended up on this path.  It was very secluded – we didn’t see another soul.  But, there weren’t any signs declaring privato so we kept walking.



Well, at least we found the ocean.  Not, that we doubted it was there.  There were a lot of boulders to scramble, but, not really a place to throw down a towel.



This reminded me of the boat house full of skeletons in Ercolano.  There haven’t been any eruptions on this island for over 700 years, but, that’s what they said about Pompeii!




Ciao for now!  And, have a Holly Jolly Christmas!













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