Step it Up! – Napoli, Italia – 4 ottobre 2015

We’ve decided to explore a portion of Napoli’s underground network – the Bourbon Tunnel.  How did we choose this particular tunnel?  Well, because it starts in what was once a veterinary clinic!  And, that’s a deciding factor when a DVM and a tech are making decisions.

But, first?  Colazione (breakfast).  Hotel Toledo has a nice rooftop space (indoor/outdoor).  No, there aren’t any sweeping views of the sea or city, but, I like it.  I like the breakfast choices, too – and, always get coffee (with warmed milk – how civil!), yogurt, fruit, cheese and a pastry.  I’ll need fuel for the day.

Oh, and, for some unknown reason the photos are larger in this posting.  The best surprises are good ones.

I love comments.  Feel free to join in the conversation!

IMG_0618I take it back.  There is a sweeping view of the sky


IMG_0619and, neighboring buildings.


IMG_0621We walked down Via Toledo – past Piazza del Plebiscito.  There are so many people in Napoli and so few people in this piazza.

The Bourbon Tunnel (10 euro admission fee) was commissioned in 1853 to connect the Palazzo Reale to the sea and the military barracks.  It was never completed.  It’s been used as a bomb shelter, WWII hospital and garbage dump.  Unfortunately, photos were not allowed once we entered the tunnel.  But, it was very cool.  There were grand cavernous areas and tight squeezes – and, tons of artifacts including cars and motorcycles!

IMG_0623There weren’t any animals for us to worry about in these kennels.


IMG_0626Saw this scene when we left the tunnel.  Five people surrounding a bike with a flat.  Everyone’s helpful!

We decided to head to the top of Napoli – Castel Sant’Elmo.  Yes, we could take the metro, a bus or a taxi, but, we like to make things a little more difficult – and, always more interesting.

IMG_0628Pudgy pugs


IMG_0629Music makes everything alright.


IMG_0631Crazy, busy streets.



The ascent begins.  We have no idea where we are.  We only know where we want to go.





IMG_0641Some music doesn’t make the cut.



IMG_0646A philosophy I can subscribe to.


IMG_0650No stealing this car!


IMG_0651Cute car!


IMG_0652Ugliest balcony in Napoli!  Let me at it!



IMG_0657Well, we are gaining some elevation.


IMG_0658I’m usually looking up at the laundry.  Here’s a different view.


IMG_0660Liking the color combo.

The walk up the hill was fun.  We waved and talked with people on balconies and in doorways.  Then, some little kid threw an empty Fanta bottle out the window at us.  The little turd missed.  Thank goodness it was empty and not loaded with urine!

Amy and I kept warning each other about dog poop on the sidewalks.  Amy got the warning too late, this time.  I tried not to laugh – I know I’ll be next.



Hmmm…we could see the castle, but we couldn’t get to it.  We had to take the metro for the last short leg.


IMG_0669I’ve admitted I’m obsessed with the hanging laundry.  My mom used to give us baskets of laundry to hang on outside lines when I was a kid.  I loved the smell.  And, hanging it was like an art project.

Just past this laundry sighting, we were beckoned into a cameo shop.  The owner was so funny.  He looked at me and said, “You are Italian!”  He looked at Amy and said, “You are not!”  I did buy a little pair of earrings.  Flattery will get you everywhere.

We finally arrived at Castel Sant’Elmo.  Turns out this state-run site had free admission, today, too!  But, it really wasn’t crowded.

IMG_0676Vesuvius!  From what I understand, clear days are rare.  It wasn’t very clear, today, but, we enjoyed the views, heat and breeze.


IMG_0677IMG_0678The walls of the fort are high!



IMG_0684Can you see the cannons?




IMG_0694IMG_0695I’m not sure what to make of this outfit..







IMG_0707Friendly feet.





IMG_0717This is probably the best photo I took of Vesuvius.


IMG_0719I hope it’s OK to like my own photos – because I like this one.



So, you could go around the fort, through the fort and see an art display in one of the buildings.  We were going to take the metro back to sea level, but, got stumped again after the first leg.  We asked directions – and, were embarrassed when after a considerable amount of time we hadn’t found the next station, but, did see the man who had given us the directions.

IMG_0726Wow, it would hurt to get thrown against this wall.  It reminded me of a pineapple.


IMG_0731The DVM and the tech were diagnosing maladies from a distance.


IMG_0744“Dear, can you hold my purse while I try this on?”



We had a lovely dinner at a trattoria near the hotel – whose name I neglected to note.  I’m officially on a sea bass kick!



























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