The wait, and the wait, and the wait is over! – Napoli, Italia – 3 ottobre 2015

knew we would end up at this pizzeria – the famous L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele.


It’s been around since 1870, but, I’d be curious to know how the exposure given by Eat Pray Love affected the business.  They only serve two types of Neopolitan pizza – the ‘marinara’ and the ‘margherita’.  The line, if you can call it that, is daunting!


We figured out you have to elbow your way to the door to get a number.  They were on number 23 when we arrived.  Yep, our number is 96!


We decided to take a walk and grab a gelato appetizer.  The crowd continued to grow.  Cars and motorcycles continued to plow through.  This man actually thought he was assisting this car – I kid you not!


This employee smoked a lot of cigarettes while handing out numbers and calling out numbers.


The smart ones ordered ahead – and, ate the piping hot pie immediately.  These folks borrowed the hood of a car.  The owner wasn’t happy!


Or, you can eat it on your scooter…


When our number was called, the people around us were happy for us.  There was a table in the ‘last’ room  which we shared with a very friendly couple (Rafael and Rosaria) from Napoli.  We liked the fact the locals thought this was the best pizza in town.


Most people ordered an entire pizza for themselves – and, ate it fast!  They don’t slice it for you.  You just dig in with a knife and fork.  Amy and I shared a margherita pizza.

IMG_0584  IMG_0585

Even the pigeons dig the pizza!


We agreed that the pizza was good, but, that we wouldn’t ever stand in line for more than two hours waiting, again.  But, it was a fun process!

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