Messed Up on the Mini Metro – Perugia, Italia – 1 ottobre 2015

I woke up to a very quiet apartment this morning.  I know Marcus and Mimma had early mornings at work.  I presumed Martin was still sleeping, so, I quietly got dressed and slipped out of the apartment.  I hated to leave my Italian home away from home.  I consider M & M my family…

It was very chilly and raining outside.  I was heading back to Spoleto, for my last night in Umbria, but, I wanted un café at my favorite place – Bar Dell’Accademia, which is just a short distance from Marcus’ apartment.  I walked up Via dei Priori and ended up in the piazza!  What?  What happened to my coffee house?  I turned around and walked back down Via dei Priori.  Oh!  There it is!  How did I miss it?!  ugh

I shook off my umbrella, set it in the corner and ordered coffee and a pastry.  Just like I remembered it!  I sat and savored the moment.  But, only a moment…I had a train to catch.

I took the path (stairs and covered escalator) to the nearest Mini Metro stop (Cupa) – which would take me to the train station.


I bought my ticket, which has unlimited use for 90 minutes, and rode down the hill to the last stop.


I got off – and, looked around.  Ok.  Where did they move the train station?  Damn!  Even though I’ve been on the Mini Metro a dozen times, I managed to get off at the wrong stop.  I just assumed the train station was at the bottom.  (After all, it had been a whole day since I got off the train and onto the Mini Metro – duh.)  Well, even though the tickets are good for 90 minutes, you have to wait 20 minutes before you can re-board.  I didn’t want to wait, so I bought another ticket.  A woman told me the stop for the train was the second to the last stop – not, the last stop.  So, I re-boarded and went back up the hill to the previous stop.  Are you kidding me?  This isn’t the stop for the train either.  I was really frustrated by then!.  A man told me I had to go another two stops.  So, I fed the machine and bought a third ticket.  I could have used the first one, but, I tossed it.  Who knew I would need it?!  I finally made it to il Stazione Fontivegge – which is so self-explanatory, it’s beyond ridiculous.  I blame my confusion this morning on being distracted by cancelled plans – plans I had really been looking forward to.  Pay attention, Jennifer!

IMG_0477  How did I miss this sign?

Note to self:  You can use a Mini Metro ticket for 90 minutes.  You need the ticket to get through the turnstile to access the cars AND to exit through the turnstile.  You must wait 20 minutes to use the same ticket to re-enter a turnstile once you’ve exited.  Don’t exit unless you know you are at the correct stop!  The Mini Metro doesn’t run 24/7, so, plan accordingly.

When my train arrived in Spoleto, I thought I would take advantage of an unhurried moment and buy my train ticket for the next morning.  It was about noon.  There was no ticket agent – they were at lunch.  And, none of the self-service ticket machines were working.  Yikes!  I hope no one was delayed or stranded because of this little hitch!

IMG_0483  “Due to technical problems only the information service is available.”

Once I was back in Spoleto, I enjoyed the afternoon.  It was Laura’s birthday.  I really wanted to take her to dinner to celebrate, but, she had other guests to greet that evening.  We went for an apertivo at Vincenzo’s.  And, this is the best perk on traveling – meeting new people and making new friends.

IMG_0486  Laura

Since it was Thursday (fish day!), I returned to Canasta’s for dinner.  I don’t think the owner was surprised to see me.  I had sea bass – encrusted with potato flakes.  It was delicious.  There were three German men sitting nearby.  They kept looking over at me.  Did I have spinach in my teeth?  Had they never seen a woman eat alone in a restaurant?  They left before me – and, came over to tell me to have a good evening.  So weird…

I returned to the apartment to pack.  Tomorrow, I leave for Napoli!  Il Mezzogiorno!

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