Jailhouse Rock – Spoleto, Italia – 29 settembre 2015

Brrrrrr…it was chilly in the apartment last night.  And, only cold water from the faucets.  I used the bidet for a sponge bath  – to minimize the cold.  (Reminded me of the Tom Waits’ lyrics, “Colder than a well-digger’s ass.”)  I contacted Laura – and, she came over straight away.  After some time, she got the hot water and heat flowing.  I was chomping at the bit to get out and about.  The weather was improving  – a good day for a hike.  Laura suggested I check out the Rocca Albornoziana and the Ponte delle Torri and walked with me to the scale mobile (escalators).  The escalators are Spoleto’s way of moving people up and down its hills – and, there isn’t a charge.  However, I don’t think they run 24/7, so take that into consideration.

*Click on the pic to enlarge.*

IMG_0334  scale mobili

And, after a short ride I was treated to views like these:



It was a very short walk to the Rocca.  The Rocca (fortress), has been just that, a fortress, as well as a residence, a papal penitentiary, and a maximum security prison (until 1982).  It was commissioned in the mid-1300s.  There is a two-floor, fifteen-room museum within the fortress  – Museo Nazionale del Ducato di Spoleto.  (By the way, what is the difference between a fort and a fortress?)  The admission was 7,50 euros.  I saw less than half a dozen other people as I wandered around.



IMG_0368  View from a window inside the museum.


IMG_0370  The poor, faceless baby.




IMG_0385  Madonna and baby.

IMG_0390  Ponte delle Torri – I will soon be the speck on the bridge.



IMG_0398  The worn cobblestone paths outside the fortress.

I started to make my way from the Rocca to the Ponte (bridge).



IMG_0409  Some walls need weeding, but, I liked the growth on this wall!


I came across a small outdoor bar within a matter of minutes.  I had a small beer (liquid courage to conquer my fear of heights) and a lot of potato chips (because again, I left the apartment without breakfast) before I continued to the bridge.


IMG_0414  There it is!  The bridge, atop a Roman aqueduct, is 80 meters high and 230 meters long.

IMG_0418  Cool, calm and collected.


IMG_0425  Looking across to the fortress.


You can hike in a few directions from this point.  I went a little ways and slipped on the gravel.  It’s so me.  You can call me ‘Grace’.


So, I found an escalator going down, but, it didn’t look the same – because it wasn’t.  When in doubt, walk…

IMG_0429  Big kitty fountain.

IMG_0431  Little kitty fountain.

IMG_0432  Sun snoozers…

IMG_0434  She was gazing onto the piazza.

IMG_0435  Piazza del Mercato

IMG_0436  A wheelbarrow with 45rpm vinyl in a shop window.

I decided to re-trace my steps to try and find the first escalator I rode.  After walking around the fortress, I ran onto this scene.  They were busy filming an episode of Don Matteo – an Italian television series.  They kindly let me pass under the yellow tape.



IMG_0443  Rock?  Hard place?  Not for this little Fiat.  toot toot

I finally found the ‘right’ escalator and easily found my way back to the apartment.

I loved this day!  I ate dinner at Ristorante Bar Canasta – just a block from the apartment.  The outdoor area isn’t very appealing, but, the interior was quaint and comfortable.  I was craving fish and their fish menu is extensive.  When the owner sat me he told me I could order anything but fish – no fish until Thursday.  Hmmm…ok.  I ate bruschetta and a pasta dish.  I had wine with dinner and Sambuca after as a digestivo.  I teetered home.

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