Già? (Already?) – Spoleto, Italia – 28 settembre 2015

I’m not ready to leave Orvieto.  I didn’t finish walking the Anello della Rupe.  I didn’t get a chance to wander the vicoli.  And, this apartment is so comfortable.  But, it’s time to press on.

I’m headed to Spoleto – another hill town in Umbria.  I was really torn between staying in Perugia or Spoleto, but decided to try something new.

This will be my apartment for five days and four nights:

My instructions were to contact the host when I arrived at the Spoleto train station.  From the train station I would take a city bus to the designated piazza – and, someone would be waiting for me at the tabacchi near the apartment.  Easy enough, right?

The 102 kilometer train ride (6,40 euros) took close to two hours – including changing trains in Orte.  I bought my bus ticket and started looking for a little white bus.  I saw a lot of buses, but, not a little white one.  I finally just asked a local.  She basically pushed me onto the next big bus that pulled up – and, that was that.  It dropped me off just about a block short of where the little white bus would have dropped me off.

I saw a woman standing alone at the designated spot.  She wasn’t the host, but, the mother-in-law of the host(ess).  She showed me to the apartment.  It was a little different than I expected, but, it was now home for five days.  She told me another woman would be by shortly.  I wasn’t sure why that was necessary, but, OK.  Soon, Laura came to the apartment .  I had to sign a lease – an Italian lease.  This was a first for me with airbnb.  I was given a copy of the lease in English.  Laura pointed out some basics about the apartment and gave me some tips about the area.  As it was pretty chilly outside (50 degrees F), I asked about heat.  The heat hadn’t been turned on for the season, yet.  When Laura left, I went out to explore the neighborhood, and get coffee for the morning!  Seriously, I must have coffee in the morning.

Take a walk with me..

*Click on the pic to enlarge.*



IMG_0308  I’m always surprised to see businesses with English names.

IMG_0310  These men and I played leap frog up the street.  I would stop to look at something and they would pass me.  They would stop to look at something and I would pass them.  We just laughed each time.

IMG_0312  I really liked this brick barrier design.  I’m always gathering ideas for my house and yard – but, I never implement them.

IMG_0313  Those were some big chestnuts!

IMG_0318  Sunset viewed a few steps from my apartment.

IMG_0319  Thank goodness for these beautiful landmarks – without them I would probably be constantly lost.

IMG_0321  There’s always a slope – up or down.

IMG_0323  And, always a teen that needs his pants hitched up.


IMG_0330  I watched this flock of birds for a long time – flying in circles.

I had dinner at Taverna La Lanterna.  They tucked me into a cozy corner.  It was perfect for eating, reading and people-watching.  They gave me enough food to feed four people.  Really, I was full after the salad!  A couple sat at the four-top next to met.  Everyone knew them.  And, the staff was very attentive to them.  I wish I knew their story.  And, at one point during dinner, a very striking woman entered the restaurant.  She was really tall (6’4″?) and gorgeous.  All heads turned and jaws dropped.  Yes, people-watching is a favorite past time of mine.

I walked the chilly and wet stone streets back to the apartment…considering my options for the morning.

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