I made it in spite of myself! – Montepulciano, Italia – 27 settembre 2015

Well, after my yabadabadoo ride in the failing Fiat, I arrived at my desired destination – the historic center of Montepulciano.

IMG_0207  The drop off point – and, supposed pick up point.

I decided to walk in a counter-clockwise direction – around and UP!

IMG_0209  Here come the views!




IMG_0231  The doorway curtains are a common sight.

IMG_0234  Autumn is in the air – and, on the pole.

Almost everything closes in the afternoon.  By this time, it was the afternoon.  I’m not much of a shopper, but, I do like to eat.  And, when I’m ready to eat, I need to eat!  (I had left the apartment without eating breakfast.)  I was so grateful when I came upon an open trattoria.  But, the waiter, Luca, told me they only had pizza and lasagna – meat lasagna.  For almost a decade, I have eaten almost no meat.  I decided to go with the lasagna.  And, I didn’t even feel guilty.  Well, OK, I felt a little guilty.

IMG_0238  A preferred version of ‘now you see it’,

IMG_0240  ‘now you don’t’!

The walk continues…  I’m sure this place is swamped other times of the year.  I’m liking Italy in September!





IMG_0255  Up close and personal with the tile roof.


IMG_0261  The streets are steep.

IMG_0265  Dogs are the same everywhere.

IMG_0267  Ha!  (Scarpe is the Italian word for shoes.)

IMG_0270  Peeking inside a church – with hundreds of lit candles.

IMG_0272  Perseverance.

IMG_0274  Family bonding.

IMG_0289  I caught the bells ringing.

Mario, my ‘ride’ didn’t show up at 6pm like he said he would.  I never saw a public bus.  I never saw a taxi.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get back to the train station.  Two older men sitting in a car in the church parking lot (they had been sitting there for a long time!) saw me writing down the number posted on a taxi stand sign.  I called the number and the man told me he would meet me in 15 minutes.  After about 15 minutes the men in the car motioned for me to come over to them.  They didn’t speak any English, but, I think they were trying to tell me there was no way the taxi driver would show up because it was Sunday.  I told them I thought he would.  One of the men handed me his phone and asked me to dial the taxi.  While he was chatting on the line, the taxi driver pulled up – and, was talking to the man in the car.  Ha!  I knew he would show.  The driver’s name was Paolo.  He was a blue-eyed, blonde Italian.  A very nice guy.  The fare was 20 euros – same as the unlicensed driver’s.  Thanks, Paolo!  I’m so glad you made yourself available on a Sunday.

The street fair was in full swing as I made my way to the train station.  I couldn’t help myself – had to buy some nougat!


My return train ticket to Orvieto was only 5,90 euros.  I made it to Orvieto just in time to catch the last funicolare car from the train station to the old town.  Thank goodness!  I wasn’t up for another taxi hunt!

Today was a learning opportunity to say the least!

IMG_0300  My Orvieto landmark – turn here to find my way to the apartment.

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