Ring around the Rosy – Orvieto, Italia – 26 settembre 2015

I visited Orvieto in 2013, but, because of a train transfer error, I didn’t get nearly enough time to explore this charming medieval hill town in Umbria.  During that short visit, I wandered the crowded streets of Orvieto.

Today, I decided to walk the ”anello della rupe” (ring of rock), a nature trail around the volcanic tufa base of the town.  The weather was perfect.  There were few people on the trail – or, in town for that matter.

I photographed landmarks along the way so I could find my way back to the apartment.

IMG_0007  The door to my building.



There are five access points to the trail.  I entered the trail at #5 and walked counter clockwise.


IMG_0030  entrata

IMG_0036  I love the design of these stairs – reduces standing water and you can ride a bicycle straight down the center!


IMG_0056  And, my fascination with wells begins…

IMG_0060  Did I mention the views?

I ran into a man picking fennel to go with his dinner before I made it to #4.  I asked him if I could walk with him.  We walked and talked (in italiano).  He generously complimented me on my language skills.


IMG_0070  menta


I had to look up one word – sporcizia.  It means ‘filth’.  I was picking up errant pieces of trash along the trail and he was chuckling.  I hadn’t planned on getting off the trail at #4, but, this gentleman wanted to show me the duomo (which I have seen before – it is stunning).  I found out why he was chuckling when we entered the stairway to climb to the hilltop level – there was trash everywhere.

IMG_0075  Graffiti is a world-wide phenomenon.  “It’s OK to eat fish cause they don’t have any feelings.”

The gentleman and I said our goodbyes in the piazza.  I took a quick look around.

IMG_0077  Even the scaffolding doesn’t distract terribly.

IMG_0080  Very few people in the piazza and surrounding streets.



IMG_0087  A girl after my own heart.



IMG_0093  The detail is unbelievable.

IMG_0096  (This is one of my favorite photos from the entire trip.)

IMG_0097  Because even in this beautiful piazza, there is laundry to be done.

IMG_0099  Headed back down to #4 and saw this kid.  I suspected he was up to no good.

IMG_0100  Nice ramp for wheelchairs or stair-adverse leading back to the stairwell.


IMG_0102  Arte?

The walk continues from #4 to #3…






IMG_0115  Wildflowers at the end of September.

IMG_0116  Leaving the trail at #3.

IMG_0119  I was dumped into a garden.

IMG_0120  ragazze and ragazzi

IMG_0122  The kids go to school on Saturdays, too.

IMG_0123  Time for a glass of that Orvieto Classico!

IMG_0126Back to the trail…well, not exactly the trail.  I started to follow a road.

IMG_0129  It’s OK to walk on the piano keys.

IMG_0131  The distinct bark of the sycamore tree.

IMG_0135  Pull up a seat.

IMG_0136  Fall is in the air.




IMG_0145  Looks like a Christmas tree.


IMG_0148  I hope the defibrillator never has to be used.

IMG_0156  The water bottle on the step.  We will talk about that in a future post!

IMG_0158  Shutters.  I want shutters.

IMG_0161  This would make going to the dentist more pleasant.

IMG_0165  Now, that’s a bus bench!

IMG_0168  The pigeon has finished his beer.

IMG_0172  A certain type of doorway that always intrigues me.

It was a wonderful day.  Beautiful scenery.  Friendly people.

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