The Pet Parade

Oh, the pets…

I have three senior cats and three middle-aged small dogs.  I know.  I know.  A hazard of working in the veterinary medicine field?  Growing up, our family had dogs.  We altered our pets and kept them up to date with vaccinations.  Oh, and we occasionally bathed them with dish soap.  Those days are long gone.  Now, there is an expectation that pets have an annual exam (if not twice a year for the geriatrics),  heartworm testing and prophylaxis, routine dental prophies, etc. – and, pH appropriate shampoos and conditioners!  As veterinary care becomes more specialized, it becomes more expensive.  Every time I leave a veterinary clinic, I ask myself, “How many hours did I have to work to pay that bill?!”  The answer is always, “A lot!”  Five years ago I made to decision not to ever get another pet because of that fact.  So far, I’ve stuck to it.  But, I digress.

Five of the six pets are being boarded.  So, five of the six pets needed exams and a variety of vaccines.  One of the cats needed a dental with extractions (to the tune of more than $750).  And, about a month ago, I found blood in my beloved Ditto’s urine (Ditto is a neutered male cat).  So, after multiple exams, urinalyses, an ultra-sound, blood tests and afternoons of administering subcutaneous fluids (and more than $750), the suspected diagnosis is idiopathic cystitis.  Nothing about his behavior has changed.  He is hell on wheels – it’s what I love about him.  Luckily, my veterinarian thinks it’s OK to board him – as long as I warn the caretakers (the old blocked tom syndrome – which is life threatening to kitties).

I dropped Cricket (the cutest and best Chihuahua on the planet) off at my parent’s two days before I left.  The other fluff balls were delivered to their temporary digs the day before I left.  The dogs are staying at Spring Creek Kennels in Carr.  I’ve never boarded the dogs there before, but, I was the inspector for this facility.  Donald, the dog, has seizures, so he has to be pilled twice daily.  I trust the owner of this facility completely.  The cats are going back to Happy Cat Retreat in Fort Collins.  They have been there before – and, came home looking better than when I dropped them off.  A poor commentary about me…  Boarding the pets will cost $1200.

These costs are not negligible when planning a trip – something to consider.

I hope they do well.  I will miss them.


Donald and Eddie at Spring Creek Kennels


Bernadette (“Bernie”) at Happy Cat Retreat. Oh ya, Jinx is in the hiding space, too – I can see her white nose.


Ditto at Happy Cat Retreat

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